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Cindel Logistics Ltd

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Cindel Logistics Ltd is a UK-based independent business and a member of the UK Courier Exchange that provides two core streams of services; Consultancy Services and Logistics Services.

Our Consultancy stream offers professional Business Consulting in Strategic Consulting, Management and Operations Consulting and Software System Applications. In addition, Cindel Logistics also offers consultancy in the Engineering, Corrosion Prevention and Maintenance and Health Safety Environmental Management..

Our Logistics stream offers Courier Exchange (Point-to-Point Delivery) product consultancy, procurement, warehouse management and exportation with complete solutions to client Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Contract Management Requirements.

Cindel Logistics wealth of experience within these industries has its nucleus built on the expertise, technical know-how and professionalism of our competent network associates.

What we do

Logistics Services
Strategic Consultancy
Personnel Training

Software Consultancy Services
Corrosion Prevention & Maintenance


To provide incomparable service around the industry with uncompromising quality through solid business decisions in giving appropriate weight and consideration towards adding positive value to our economic environment.


Our Vision is to provide our clients exceptional service; build a reputable image by consistently implementing distinctive business Innovations around the Industry.

Our Key success Factors

Excellence in delivering and supply of goods.

Skills, technical know-how and exhibiting professionalism.


Immediate and Prompt service response to clients goods inquiry.

Implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our Strengths



Service Delivery

Ground Floor Unt 3
Mountbatten Business Centre
16 – 18 Millbrook Road East
Southampton SO15 1HY

+44 02380170769


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